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dan renaud.

creative director/writer-producer

chicago-born and trained, schooled by Jesuits and comedians, mr. renaud is an award-winning writer-producer-creative director who has worked with some of the biggest and some of the smallest brands on the planet, including: Bud Light, Michelob Light, Wheaties, Santa Margarita, Carnival Cruises, Hyatt, Sunglass Hut, Florida Lottery, Fazoli's, Thiel Audio, That Lighting Store Without A Name and many, many others.

recently, he's created online, branded content for GMC Sierra, Miller Beer, Michelob and others. this past year, he's created and produced work for BASF, Gerber Technology, Michigan State, Dana Cancer Center and The Toledo Zoo.  

at the bleeding edge of the internet in 1994, along with troy hayes, he was co-creator of worldcam. the planet's moving picture show.™ despite it's heavy video content and top dial-up speeds of 24k and 56k, the site generated over 400,000 visitors from 112 countries over the four-day July 4th 1995 weekend.